When founded as a printers in 1835 the business was based in Parchment Street. At this time Warren & Son’s current location at 85 High Street accommodated the local court house and was the home of the prison Governor. In the cellar there is still a trace of the entrance to the underground passage which led to the City Prison, then fronting Jewry Street. It is said that convicted criminals were taken directly from the court, along this passage, to the prisons, to commence their jail sentence.

By 1859 Nathaniel Warren had moved into 85 High Street, living with his family above the shop, which, to this day, still has a post code unique to the building. In 1866 his son, William Warren, branched out from printing and created a stationery and “fancy goods” store. Thirty years later in 1896 he went on to purchase the Hampshire Observer newspaper which continued to be printed by Warrens until 1957.

On the 23rd September 1978 David Morgan took over the business, re-establishing the shop as a thriving commercial stationery and gift success story. 

Paul Morgan, David’s son, joined the company in 1989 and between the father-and-son combination they successfully developed and grown the thriving family business that is so popular with the shoppers of Winchester and those who visit the historic city.