Escape Room in an Envelope: The Missed Flight

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Lucy Kingston has been on a conference tour of Europe, but after speaking some uncomfortable truths to a journalist, she’s found herself caught up in a story of lies and corruption. She’s in way over her head.

She was supposed to deliver your message, but has had to cut her trip short and go into hiding. She was scared the message would be intercepted and so has stashed it in our online vault and put 7 puzzles together from items she’s picked up along the way.

  • In addition to the contents of the envelope you will need access to the internet to complete your task.

  • The game is suitable for groups up to 4 people, aged 14 and over and should take between 45 and 90 minutes to complete.

The game is ready to play, or it can be personalised to give as a gift. Hide a custom message (text, image, or video) in the vault and surprise your friends and family when they discover it.


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