Escape The 90s Escape Room

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When a visit to a hotel in the 1990s goes wrong and you end up getting stuck in the decade, will you have the skills to escape? Grab your plaid skirt and platform shoes and create your own at-home escape room. Answer a range of puzzles and riddles to get safely back to the present day.

This box contains: host’s instruction booklet, 2 paper pills, 6 puzzles, 1 bright light art board box, 1 TV guide, 1 paper cut-out sheet, 1 cassette tape box, 1 ginger spice tube, 1 voice recorder, 1 computer, 1 time sheet and 1 final stage door code.

To escape the 90s, you will need: a TV, a remote control, or something Tv-related, an item of sports equipment (e.g. trainers), herbs & spices, and a pillow.

  • Suitable for up to 6 players

  • 2-3 hours of game play


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