Budget Planner, Peach Pink

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Take Control of Your Money! With the help of the CF Budget Planner’s various tools for writing and tracking your finances, it won’t be long before you’ll begin to uncover spending habits and patterns that have been burning a hole in your pocket all this time!
Set & Track Your Goal! Decide on your monthly financial goals. Put reminders of bills and payments due on the built-in calendar. Create a monthly spending plan. Select your monthly budget. Track all your day-to-day spending. Add awesome stickers everywhere!
Monthly Budget Review Questionnaire! Write down your biggest wins for the month, review & write whether you met your budget and/or achieved your monthly goals! Then, add what you’ve learned and how you can improve for next month. Oh, and be honest!
Evoke the Law of Attraction! We all know positive thoughts help but a written goal or affirmation is that much more powerful. Write down your financial goal, track your monthly progress, and you will soon see just how life-changing a pen and paper can be.It Literally Has Everything! Clever Fox Budget Planner starts with 2 pages for setting your financial goals. Then, 2 pages for writing down your strategy and tactics. 2 pages for tracking savings. 2 pages for debt tracking followed by 12 months (8 pages per month). 2 pages for Christmas budgeting. And lastly, 2 pages for an annual summary to track your progress throughout the year!

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