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The Clever Fox Password Book was specifically designed to store all of your passwords in one place! Sleek, beautiful, and safe, it’s no wonder it’s one of our best-selling products.
Now, let’s dive deep into what makes CF Password Book so great:
Bye-bye, “incorrect password”! With so many online accounts, remembering all your login details is almost impossible. On top of that, passwords often have specific requirements, such as adding special characters.. Which, let’s be honest, we ALL hate!
Fortunately, with the CF Password Book, you won’t ever need to strain your memory to recall your password details again!
Can’t Hack This! Since the CF Password Book is made from paper, it’s 100% unhackable! Plus, its intentional “regular notebook” design makes it look MUCH less important than it really is to keep prying eyes far away from your passwords!
No, Google, don’t save my password! Who needs Google saving your password god-knows-where in the cloud when you can write it down on your CF Password Book and be the ONLY one to ever have access to it!
You can make it 100% safe! While you can simply write down your exact password in the CF Password Book and be protected by its unassuming design – by far the safest way to do it is to write hints for each password that only YOU can decipher.
Check out the images above for an example!

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